How AloApp’s Services Help Build a Greener Planet 

AloApp Services To Help Build A Greener Planet

AloApp, the growing ride-hailing service in Los Angeles, California area, is determined to participate actively in climate action. We at AloApp have been taking steps toward reaching a greener planet with our AloApp’s services. The soaring temperatures, rising sea levels, and increasing levels of pollution all have led to the world not being safe as it once was. It is high time we took it upon ourselves to take necessary actions to fight climate change, with the air quality only getting poor. 

There are many ways by which we can do our part to make the world a better place to live. As we can see, our actions have made the air quality poorer, leading to various health ailments. So it is our collective responsibility to undo the harm our actions have caused. Every step, big or small, counts. We are responsible for protecting the planet and making it a safer habitat for the next generation. 

AloApp’s Commitment Towards a Greener Planet

AloApp is committed to lowering the levels of pollution. As is known, vehicular emissions are one of the primary contributors to air pollution. By going for other alternatives, we can considerably bring down carbon emissions. Electric vehicles do not release harmful pollutants into the air. The switch to less-polluting automobiles is paramount now more than ever. AloApp addresses the issue by offering rides to users in electric vehicles. AloApp provides two service types under this category. They are AloEco and AloEcoPlus. 

AloApp’s Services to Tackle the Climate Crisis: AloEco and AloEcoPlus

AloEco and AloEcoPlus offer rides to riders in electric vehicles. By opting to ride in these vehicles, riders can do their part in lowering the levels of harmful pollutants in the air. While AloEco lets users ride in standard electric cars, AloEcoPlus allows riders to ride in electric-powered SUVs. For one, there it minimizes emissions to a considerable degree. SUVs offer more space, and hence more people can ride together. That is, ride-sharing is possible, which enables riders to lower their travel expenses by sharing rides. 

How to Ride with AloEco and AloEcoPlus?

AloApp enables users to book rides just by tapping a few buttons. Users can easily navigate the app and start requesting rides after creating an account with the app. Let us see in steps how to book these rides with AloApp. 

Step 1: Sign in to the AloApp. 

Step 2: Enter your destination and then select the ride type that you will find below on the same page. You can choose AloEco or AloEcoPlus, depending on your requirements. 

Step 3: Enter your pickup location and tap confirm after choosing the vehicle type. 

The nearest driver will arrive to pick you up in the next few minutes. The app lets you see the approximate time the driver will arrive at your location. Also, with the help of AloApp’s tracking feature, you can see where and far the driver is. You will receive notifications when the driver arrives at your pickup location. 

Benefits of Riding in Electric Vehicles

  • We can significantly lower the level of greenhouse gases when we opt for electric vehicles. Carbon footprint adversely affects our planet. It results in a shift in vegetation, destroying wildlife and impacting human health. So it is crucial to reduce it. 
  • By switching to electric vehicles, we benefit the planet as they replace combustion engines and do not pollute. 
  • It is possible to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2050 as agreed under Paris Agreement. 

The Bottom Line

In recent years, we have witnessed global temperatures increasing, and that has led to many serious consequences. It even affects our quality of life. The adoption of electric vehicles makes the world a healthier place to live. Our ride types AloEco and AloEcoPlus focuses on reducing emission substantially. The path towards a greener planet is the solution to all the environmental crises. Let us opt for electric vehicles and follow sustainable practices to reduce carbon footprint.

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