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With AloApp, our goal is to make the ride more convenient and easier. With careful research and implementation, we seek to provide services that are comprehensive and up to international standards. ALO makes available to riders many types of vehicles to choose from according to their needs and preferences. Below you will find more information about AloPlus, how to apply, and the benefits that come with it.

AloPlus for comfort

Each type of ALO vehicle has its unique advantages. There are definite benefits as it offers additional space when you choose AloPlus. Sedans may not be suitable if you want to travel to the airport with all your extra luggage. Its size makes it impossible for excess baggage to fit. This is when AloPlus proves to be the perfect choice.

SUV cars, as we know, can accommodate up to four people. Thus, AloPlus is the ideal choice for planned trips with family or friends.

How to Request AloPlus Service?

It’s easy to book trips with ALO. Riders can request rides with a few taps. We prioritize user experience and our app paves the way for easy navigation. The first thing a rider must do is download the App and create an AloApp account. Riders must enter basic details such as their name, email, and phone number when signing up. Then they can start requesting rides.

Open AloApp and enter the pickup and drop-off locations. After verifying the addresses, the rider can select AloPlus among the other options and confirm the ride. The AloApp matches the rider with a driver. The information about the driver is visible to the rider, along with the car details. This way, riders can make sure it’s their ride and verify it.

When waiting for their ride to arrive, riders can track the drivers. The AloApp also shows them the estimated time of arrival of the driver. It’s helpful in many ways, as the rider will know when their ride will pick them up and can plan things accordingly.

Once the trip ends, ALO charges the rider appropriately and they can pay using any of the available payment options. They can choose to pay with debit or credit cards. At the end of the trip, riders can rate and review the driver and the service provided. Feedback plays a crucial role in helping to understand if something needs to be improved. It can also be helpful in terms of bringing issues, if any, to the service provider’s attention for them to look into and address.

Benefits of AloPlus

Comfort and Extra Space

Since SUVs offer more space than other cars, drivers prefer them, especially for long trips. They offer comfort like no other. AloPlus can be ideal when you travel with many people or more luggage.

Reasonable Pricing

AloPlus offers comfortable rides at a fair price. The charge is not much more than the other types of vehicles. By choosing AloPlus, you are reducing the cost by reserving one vehicle instead of two if you are traveling with your friends.

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