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Gone are the days when we had to worry about getting rides on a rainy day or late at night. We now live in a period where we can effortlessly go about our daily activities, thanks to the growth of technology in leaps and bounds. ALO intends to make riding enjoyable and satisfying. We at ALO value inclusivity and tailor our services to meet the expectations of people of all groups. Hence the five ride types- AloLite, AloEo, AloPlus, AloDamas, and AloEcoPlus. Each one looks to address a particular requirement. Here we discuss how AloEcoPlus is different from other ride types we offer.

AloEcoPlus: For Rides in Electric SUVs

Every ride type we offer has unique properties that we have crafted intending to meet different user expectations. If you are wondering how AloEcoPlus is different from other ride types, the answer is that riders get to ride in electric-powered SUVs. In other words, it is a blend of AloPlus and AloEco.

AloEcoPlus is distinct in terms of combining the properties of two other ride types. Through this, we hope to attract the rider group that wishes to ride in an SUV, which is also an electric one at that. We have carefully analyzed how AloEcoPlus can be beneficial for riders. Below we have listed some of the reasons to opt for AloEcoPlus.

Reasons to Opt for AloEcoPlus


One cannot talk about electric vehicles without mentioning how good they can be for the planet. By opting for AloEcoPlus, we can leave a low carbon footprint. It helps achieve a zero-emission policy. Every measure taken to lower the levels of greenhouse gases will have a profound effect when done on a large scale. Our collective efforts to fight against climate and global warming will significantly alter the situation we find ourselves in now for the better.

Comfort and Extra Space

It is a known fact that SUVs, with their large frames, offer more space when compared to other vehicle types. So there is the advantage of comfort. When riding with many people, say, friends and family, AloEcoPlus can be an ideal option. Also, AloEcoPlus is perfect for trips that involve carrying more luggage with you.

For Rides with Pets (Available in all our services)

As we know, SUVs offer more space. So if you are traveling with your fur friends, you can have all the room an SUV provides. After all, comfort rides with pets are not unattainable, given ALO is known for pet-friendly rides.

Suitable for Long Trips

If you have finally decided to take a long trip that has always been on your wish list and you are wondering which type of trip you should choose, AloEcoPlus is the right choice.

Bottom Line

At ALO, we make sure we don’t fall short in offering unparalleled solutions, something we strive to continue to do. Our drivers are verified before joining us, so you can be sure you can enjoy safe rides with ALO.

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