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ALO is a ride-sharing platform that helps riders book rides instantly. We offer services catering to the unique needs of users. With the intent to practice inclusivity and make our services accessible to all, we provide services in many categories. Our vehicle types include AloEco, AloPlus, AloLite, AloEcoPlus, and AloDamas. AloEco is our answer for riders who wish to ride in electric vehicles. Below, you will find more about the reasons to opt for AloEco.


AloEco is the result of our commitment to reducing carbon emissions. We realize it is our collective responsibility to take action to reduce the alarming rise in global temperature. It is crucial to come up with initiatives to counteract global warming. By choosing AloEco, riders get to ride in electric vehicles and contribute toward making our planet a safe place to live.

AloEco, in addition to being eco-friendly, benefits in many other ways.

Reasons to go for AloEco


Electric vehicles help keep our cities cleaner and achieve zero-emission policy. As is evident, increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases cause global warming. By opting for electric vehicles, we can lessen the harmful effects they cause to our environment.

Easy Maintenance

Compared to fuel-powered vehicles, electric vehicles are easy to maintain. They are also known to perform well. What’s more, drivers find it easy to ride even. All these factors contribute to the drivers and riders alike making the switch.

How to Request Rides Using ALO

As we take leaps and bounds on the technology front, accomplishing everyday things becomes simple. Mobile apps have become crucial in helping us do things effortlessly that would otherwise be strenuous. ALO helps users to request trips.

Users can start requesting rides after creating the account. It requires them to give their details like name, mobile number, and email id. Passengers who want to take AloEco can book it. ALO offers the convenience of allowing users to choose their preferred payment method. We offer several options when it comes to this.


We at ALO align our practices and policies with the users’ requirements and address challenges effectively. ALO is resolute in its commitment to take steps in fighting against climate change. AloEco helps us achieve our collective responsibility to do our part in what is better for our planet. Let us take a stand and pledge to follow sustainable practices.

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