AloDamas: How ALO’s Women-centric Services are Transforming Livelihoods


In AloApp there are opportunities for everyone equally, but AloDamas is exclusively for women. In this category, the objective is to make both the driver and the user feel safe. We verify our drivers, so you can ensure your trips are completely secure.

It’s also an opportunity to empower women by creating space for them to earn money behind the wheel, manage their schedules and set their own financial goals.

Improving Livelihoods with AloDamas

It’s becoming more and more common for people to have a job on top of their main one, However, with AloApp, you can work full time and earn a salary high enough to live on. Remember, you are your boss, managing your schedule and setting financial goals.

The various driver app measures and features we have implemented over time have led to more positive feedback from our drivers. Thus, it rightfully earned the name as a driver-friendly platform and AloDamas, a preferred service for female drivers to work on.

How Flexible Schedule Benefits Women Drivers

At AloApp, we support flexible work hours, enabling people who want to work with us to choose the working time of their convenience. So for our drivers, jobs at AloApp need not necessarily be the only ones they hold. They can opt to work for fixed hours here while spending the rest of their time at another job.

Our flexible schedule is especially advantageous to students and working mothers. It is because they are the ones that have important commitments. For women with kids, it allows them to support their family financially while also being able to spend time with family. Likewise, students can select the work hours their education does not demand.

How to Sign Up to Drive with Us

Women drivers who wish to sign up to drive with us exclusively for AloDamas can do so effortlessly from our app. All that is required is that they enter basic details such as name, photo ID, email, and phone number and upload all the required documentation.

Once all the documentation is approved and verified, they can hit the road to drive. We realize that the goal of the women partners will be to provide safe travel for women riders. The features of our app only support and help them on their journeys.

In addition to our drivers being able to offer safe rides for women, by driving for AloDamas, it’s quick and easy for them to earn money. Additionally, our women drivers find it empowering to be able to work hours that work best for them and earn money based on their financial goals.

Bottom Line

It is a common sight that women do not find job opportunities as readily as men do. With AloDamas, we seek to improve their chances of earning income. Further, our practices only serve this notion, and our flexible schedule attracts many drivers to work with us. We are happy to be able to provide a platform aimed exclusively at women to get job opportunities and to have touched the lives of many in the process.

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