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We often encountered trouble when trying to book rides. It might not have been a pleasant experience in the past. But with the coming of ride-hailing and ride-sharing apps, requesting rides has never been easier. These apps are all that we need to help us book rides. While many apps are flooding the market, it is imperative to go for the one that offers unparalleled services to experience the best rides. ALO presents riders with an array of options and strives not to fall short of delivering the best assistance to riders.

ALO provides users with multiple ride options that they can choose from depending on what particular service they require. For instance, AloEco specializes in offering environment-friendly rides. AloPlus is suitable for riders when they travel with many people or have a lot of luggage to take with them.

How is AloDamas Different?

There may be situations when women feel safe only around women. Being driven to deliver solutions catering to a vast audience group, we have come up with AloDamas to meet the requirements of such riders. AloDamas is for women riders who wish to ride with women drivers.

Reasons to go for AloDamas

Verified and Secure

We realize that riders going for AloDamas prioritize safety. So we ensure to verify our drivers. At ALO, we affirm the credibility of the drivers’ commitment to offering safe rides before having them partner with us. It is imperative since we intend our riders to feel safe when riding with us.

Unlocking Opportunities for Women

By getting more women to join us, we aid in unlocking job opportunities for them. As a result, it helps address the disparity between men and women for equal work prospects. It benefits women by increasing their chances of getting additional income. To sum it up, if you are a firm believer in equal opportunities and someone who advocates for women’s empowerment, by choosing AloDamas, you can do your part.

Women and Children Only

We ensure that only women and children take AloDamas. If being a woman, you want to ride only with women drivers, then AloDamas is what you are looking for. We assure you that we act in the best interest of our customers for them to ride in the utmost peace and comfort.


With AloDamas, riders can book their rides in advance. Riders can choose a date and time after setting their destination. Drivers are assigned accordingly and receive notifications with details about the scheduled ride. Sometimes, getting a ride last minute can be a hassle, for you may not be able to secure one. The option to book in advance takes away this inconvenience.

Notable Features of ALO

ALO comes integrated with outstanding features to ensure users are satisfied with our services. We have listed here some of the safety features of ALO.

Share the Status of the Trip

When people ride alone, their safety becomes a matter of concern. This option enables riders to share their trip status with friends and family. They will receive details regarding the trip and can track riders’ locations. This way, they can check if a rider has reached their destination safely. Further, it gives a sense of assurance to riders as well.

SOS/ Emergency Button

The in-app emergency button is one of the most essential features of the app. It lets riders contact emergency services if they need assistance. The support teams will receive the live location information and other trip details. It becomes easy for them to reach out to the ones who requested help.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking enables riders to see where they are going. It helps them make sure they are riding in the right direction and gives a sense of protection. GPS tracking also assists drivers in case they need assistance with routes.

Ratings and Review

Riders can leave behind ratings and reviews at the end of the trip. They can base their opinion depending on the quality of the service they receive from drivers. Feedback is crucial as it brings issues, if any, to our attention, thereby helping us work to resolve them.


At ALO, we prioritize our riders’ safety, and our app’s features only reflect our commitment to ensuring it. Through our app, we hope to assist riders in getting to places safely. You can rely on us to provide services with your safety in mind. Ride with us and see how focused we are on maintaining safety standards.

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